[subject to change]

Welcome to cinefame! The rules are simple, we all know the drill by now.

Have your journal ready with a new friends only post and a contact post. Please BACKDATE both posts. If you do not know how, we'll be happy to help! Clean out your friends list, unless it's someone joining this community.

No challenges!

The mods reserve the right to reject your application, however we do not judge layouts or icons.

The rules are simple.

1. You will have three days to post an intro. If you show no signs of life after three days, you will be sent one reminder, then you'll be removed.

2. Update with whatever your little heart desires. Be simple, be creative, the freedom is yours. There is no update enforcement other than something in your journal, once every three weeks. (though we'd love to see you more often!)

3. Important! Please show activity by keeping your friends list current, replying to your comments, greeting new members, as well as commenting other members posts.

** If you need a hiatus or extension, please comment the mods asap. Do not wait until someone applies to override you. **

The most important thing is to be active and friendly.

Let's play!